Cullen, Dave

Cullen, Dave

Dave Cullen

10 December 2020Feature

Dave Cullen talks to about the Nuclear Information Service's recent report on the UK's nuclear weapons upgrades

Our report, Trouble Ahead: Risks and Rising Costs in the UK Nuclear Weapons Programme (2019), grew out of the day-to-day work we’ve done.

It was an attempt to give an overview of where the UK is at with its nuclear weapons upgrades.

It’s not regularly admitted but in the early 2000s the UK took a decision to upgrade every single element of its nuclear weapons capability.

The new Dreadnought submarines are the part people know most intimately.

The Trident…

1 May 2009Feature

At around 11pm, despite all the problems with effective decision-making, those of us still at Climate Camp in Bishopsgate orchestrated a controlled retreat. By this point I was right up against the police line on the south end of the camp.
We were walking with our arms linked, being pushed by a line of police using their riot shields. They kept pushing us, but when we got as far as we’d agreed we sat down. Shortly afterwards, they tried pulling people out of the line – they didn’t…