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Humanitarian Intervention

Pouring more fuel on the fire

The case against airstrikes on Syria


20 years ago: Howard Clark on humanitarian intervention

Howard Clark, reviews a Bradford University report by Nick Lewer and Oliver Ramsbotham on ‘humanitarian intervention’, written during the break-up of Yugoslavia.


Legitimate intervention

Diana Francis reflects on recent military interventions and suggests that, rather than attempting to reframe peacekeeping and postwar operations, we must deconstruct militarism and all it stands for.


Fabrice Weissman (ed), 'In the Shadow of Just Wars: Violence, Politics and Humanitarian Action'

Hurst, 2004; ISBN 1 8506 5737 8; Pb 288pp; £16.50


Can't bomb the world to peace

Howard Clark argues that preparing to intervene in an emergency is no substitute for addressing the roots of war, and that, ultimately, peace depends on the people.


Deen K Chatterjee and Don E Scheid (eds), 'Ethics and Foreign Intervention'

Cambridge University Press, 2003. ISBN 0 52181074 4 (hb) £42.50/$58 316, 0 52100904 9 (pb) £15.95/$21, 316pp


Alexander Moseley and Richard Norman (eds), 'Human Rights and Military Intervention'

Ashgate 2002, ISBN 0 7546 0867 0, 296 pp, £45


International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS), 'The Responsibility to Protect'

International Development Research Centre, 2001. ISBN 0 8893 6960 7, 104pp + CD-ROM. Also readable online at http://www.iciss-ciise.gc.ca/