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Online revamps

UKwatch.net has revamped its site, which brings together radical analysis of different aspects of British society, and relaunched their blogs, featuring Mike Marqusee, and PN editor Milan Rai.

Love your enemy – everyone can change: The Beeb

The enemy, this time, is the Beeb.

Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick , 'News from the Holy Land - Theory and Practice of Reporting Conflict'

Hawthorn Press 2004. Includes 48pp of teaching notes. ISBN 1 903458 54 4 / 978 1 903458 54 9


CND protests at BBC's "biased" Iran coverage

“No Nuclear Hypocrisy - Report on UK Nukes,” read dozens of placards outside the BBC's Portland Place HQ on Thursday 9 February.

Love your enemy - everyone can change: "Beyond Petroleum"

Well darlings, the object of our desire this month is not a person, it's a concept. Oooh. An advertising concept. Aaaaah. It is - wait for it - “Beyond Petroleum”.

Going BeyondTv

Between 25 and 27 November Undercurrents hosts the 6th annual video activist festival with clown rebel army and video workshops.

"I'm a journalist, I'm allowed to be here"

Being an Indymedia cameraman is becoming a hectic pastime in these, the last days of freedom in the UK.

Mission accomplished? Iraq and the general election coverage

April 29: It's less than a week before the General Election, the legality of the Iraq war is looking shakier than ever after the Attorney General's original advice to the Prime Minister has

The moody Mail; unmanageable McLibelers

Regular Mole-istas will know that this column finds it hard to resist an opportunity to criticise once-Red Ken, Mayor of Greater London.

David Miller (ed), 'Tell me lies: Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq'

Pluto Press, 2003. ISBN 0 7453 2201 8