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Shouting, in the name of women, "Put your sword back into it's scabbard"

After 11 September 2001, and at a time when there is an expectation of war about to be waged by the US on Iraq, there are many small rallies - of various types - being held every week in K

Nira Yuval-Davis, Gender And Nation

(Sage Publications, 1997 (Reprinted 1998), ISBN 0 8039 8664 5 157pp)


Two statements from March 2002 on the breakdown of peace negotiations

Women and peace organisations speak out.


Blood and fire

The paramilitaries of the AUC arrived in Barrancabermerja, the capital of Magdalena Medio and the oil capital of Colombia, in 1998, and at the turn of the year 2000-2001 “our city underwen

A permanent process

Some politicians are currently selling the idea that total war is “The Choice” to change the history of violence in Colombia once and for all.


Dozens of Afro-Colombians fled from their home village, Villahermosa in the department of Choco;, in 1997, caught between guerrillas and paramilitaries.

Women occupy oil stations

In south-eastern Nigeria, hundreds of unarmed Ijaw women used boats to occupy four Chevron-Texaco pipeline stations.

Tribal council orders gang rape

A Pakistani tribal council ordered the gang rape of an 18-year-old woman to avenge their tribal “honour” after her young brother's alleged illicit affair with a higher caste woman.

Julie A Mertus, 'War's Offensive on Women. The Humanitarian Challenge in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan'

Kumarian Press, 2000. ISBN 1 56549 117 3. 157pp


We won't fight your ******* wars... or will we? Feminism and anti-militarism, where next?

Peace News 2443 (Gender and militarism) began to open the door of a debate within the antimilitarist movement on activist responses to the changing military landscape.