Issue: 2612 - 2613

December 2017 - January 2018


Top Stories

Encircling China

by Miyume Tanji, Daniel Broudy

John Pilger’s 60th documentary examines US strategy towards its main rival

Taking a stand against bullying and censorship

by Helen Steel

Helen Steel on the free speech conflict at the 2017 Anarchist Bookfair

Disarmers acquitted

by Andrea Needham

‘Not guilty’ verdicts for Ploughshares activists Sam Walton and Dan Woodhouse

Activists need to find better ways to struggle with each other and to fight with each other, argues Milan Rai


Trying Trident

by Catherine Tauriello

Attorney General declines to prosecute Theresa May over Trident

Rubbish, Alun

by PN

Calls for scrapping of Welsh Language Bill

Remembrance Day

by PN

Anti-war veterans remember all war deaths

Three Scots stop warhead convoy

by David Polden

Nukes blocked on way to Trident base

Thousands demand climate justice in Bonn

by PN staff

4,500 invade opencast coal mine during Climate Summit

Greenpeace 10 found ‘not guilty’ after blocking PNR fracking site entrance

by David Polden

Prosecution failed to rebut activists defence, says judge

Peace prize given to peace group

by PN staff

Anti-nuke campaign wins Nobel


Che Guevara’s daughter visits Wales

by Apolo Santana

Cymru Cuba celebrates 35th anniversary

Mud, mud, inglorious mud

by Brian Jones

Nuke power research sparks national debate

Assault charge dropped against DSEI activist

by David Polden

More arms fair trials scheduled for December and January

Joseph Rotblat is held up against the wall in London

by PN

Polish scientist & anti-nuke campaigner remembered

From Holloway to housing

by Claire Poyner

Call for council homes to be built on former prison site

Refugee voices in the halls of power

by April Griefsong

From Swansea to Westminster


Evan Sleeping at Camp 18

by Gabriel Carlyle

Gabriel Carlyle reviews Lucas Foglia's stunning book of photographs, Human Nature

‘We’re tired of being told what to do’

by Bookfair collective

This is the response of the organisers of the London Anarchist Bookfair to the critical statement reproduced here.

‘We don’t ban people just because we disagree with them’

by Bookfair collective

This is the view of the London Anarchist Bookfair Collective on the leaflet incident

‘These leaflets are a form of violence that you must stop’

by Adam Ma'anit & others

This statement criticising the organisers was published three days after the bookfair

Bookfair herstory

by Hanik Blackman

Hanik Blackman recounts the origins and history of the London Anarchist Bookfair

Two of the three leaflets that started it all


Part 2 of PN's documenting of the free speech conflict at the 2017 Anarchist Bookfair

Comment & News

Case study: Sweden 1931

by Max Rennebohm

General strike for power shift

Diversity is Beautiful

by PN

Community print-making courses in Bristol

'I think it’s time to meet another way'

by Penny Stone

Penny Stone reflects on this year's White Poppy gathering in Edinburgh

The Personal Column: Confessions of a teenage narcissus

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves finds contemporary resonances in a recent stage adaptation of An American in Paris

Diary: Options beyond the hamster wheel

by Samra Mayanja

Samra Mayanja reflects on a Radical Routes recent ‘Re-imagining Gatherings’

Obituary: Helen John: 30 September 1937 – 5 November 2017

by Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson remembers an indefatigable

Hostage Catalonia

by Teresa Ecuador

A Spanish activist reflects on the aftermath of the recent referendum

Bruce Kent: As I please

by Bruce Kent

Bruce Kent extols the virtues of the Housmans Peace Diary

‘Nonviolence works!’

by Gabriel Carlyle

Gabriel Carlyle reports on Pax Christi's recent speaking tour

They’re watching you...

by Benjamin

PN reports from this year's ORGCon

Cartoons etc

Roouminations by Donald Rooum

Telford by Tony Telford