Gaza solidarity flotillas

IssueJune - July 2024
News by PN staff

The Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition has two missions on. The main ‘Break the Siege’ effort involves one large cargo ship, the Anadolu (Anatolia), and a ferry, the Akdeniz (the Mediterranean).

The Anadolu is trying to break the illegal Israeli siege on Gaza by delivering 5,000 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The Akdeniz is said to be carrying hundreds of participants from over a dozen countries including Australia, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand/Aotearoa, South Africa, Türkiye, the UK and the US.

The two ships were stranded in Turkish ports at the end of April when Guinea Bissau removed its flag from them – under Israeli pressure, activists believe.

The second mission, ‘For the Children of Gaza’, is at the moment an educational project. The Handla is slowly working its way around Europe highlighting the impact of Israel’s blockade and war on children in Gaza.

The Handla plans to start for Gaza itself in August.