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Moffatt, Virginia

Jeff Conant, A Poetics of Resistance – The Revolutionary Public Relations of the Zapatista Insurgency

(AK Press, 2010; 384pp; £14)



Why I am a pacifist

Virginia Moffatt on the "p" word ...


It’s Normal To Us

Virginia Moffatt reflects on having a partner imprisoned


Ray Gaston, A Heart Broken Open: Radical Faith in an Age of Fear

(Wild Goose Publications, 2010; ISBN 978-1-905-010-61-5; 202pp; £13.50)


Alastair McIntosh, Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition

(Birlinn, 2008; ISBN 978-1-841-586-22-9; 289pp; £8.99)


Home front

They say that families live prison sentences just as much as the prisoner and that was certainly true for us.

Nicholson Baker, Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization

(Simon & Schuster, 2009; ISBN 978 1 847393 18 0; 576pp; £9.99)


Cathy Wilkerson, Flying Close to the Sun: My Life and Times as a Weatherman

(Seven Stories Press, 2007; ISBN 978-1583227718; 416pp; £13.99)



David Cortright , Gandhi and Beyond: Non-violence for an Age of Terrorism

(Paradigm, 2006; ISBN 1594512663; 288pp; £16.99)