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Kilburn, Janet

Actions at AWE mark anniversary

On 4 and 5 August a group of international peace gardeners visited AWE Aldermaston to plant vines and fig trees both inside and outside the Atomic Weapons Establishment.

Carry on camping

On 9 August, charges against ten women (and a dog), brought under the Aldermaston byelaws, were dropped ( “Women arrested at cocktail party”, July/Aug PN).

Ann Petitt, 'Walking to Greenham: How the Peacecamp began and the Cold War ended'

Honno 2006; ISBN 1 870206 76 2; 310pp; £8.99


"It's pretty obvious what's going on here"

In August 2002, the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston outlined a raft of new facilities it wanted to build over the coming years.

Being realistic - demanding the impossible. I want to believe!

Having been involved in anti-nuclear campaigns and actions for the past 20 years, it's with something of a heavy heart that I write this critique of Faslane365.

Morning glory

Back in the summer of 2002, Britain's Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE - the place where British nuclear weapons are manufactured) published a document in which they outlined a raft of new

Nonviolent resistance promised over nukes

As Peace News went to press, campaigners were making a last ditch attempt at halting the planning process for AWE Aldermaston's controversial Orion laser facility.

A case of my enemy's enemy? Nonsense!

This year's CND conference took place close to the heart of London's poshistani shopping district -- the West End.

Why I boycotted the G8 protests

It is almost hard to know where to start with this - there are so many reasons! But here goes with the main ones...

Block the Builders finally take action

On 9 May, as the first BtB protester was being released from prison - after receiving a 14-day sentence for wanton vandalism in protest at new developments at AWE Aldermaston - Block the B