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Jones, Sian

The laser has landed...

Well maybe not. Plans to build a £20 million state-of-the-art laser facility at Aldermaston are beginning to unravel.

Free trade - free movement?

As part of the week of G8 actions, more than 1000 people protested at Dungavel Detention Centre (officially Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre) on 5 July against the detention of asylum se

Behind the wire: UK's porky pies at the NPT

As the UK delegation to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference pack their suitcases, their speeches on verification and a shiny new presentation about some decommissio

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We won't fight your ******* wars... or will we? Feminism and anti-militarism, where next?

Peace News 2443 (Gender and militarism) began to open the door of a debate within the antimilitarist movement on activist responses to the changing military landscape.

Angie Zelter (ed), 'Trident on Trial - the case for peoples disarmament'

Luath Press 2001. ISBN 1 84282 004 4. 312pp


Rules: made to be broken

While international attention is focused on prisoners transferred by US from Afghanistan to Camp X-Ray, elsewhere in the world the US government is using peace-keeping forces to arrest, un

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