Wood, Sue

Sue Wood
1 April 2008Review

Informed Choice? Armed forces recruitment practice in the United Kingdom, 2007; ISBN 9781408641453; 160pp; £5. Also available free online at www.informedchoice.org.uk. See also www.beforeyousignup.info. Study War No More: military involvement in UK universities, 2007; Available free online at www.studywarnomore.org.uk

Informed Choice? - which created a considerable stir in the media when it was released earlier this year - is essential reading for anyone with an interest in any aspect of the armed forces recruitment practice and how they treat their personnel.

Clear and comprehensive, Gee documents how recruitment literature emphasises the attractive aspects of military life, while glossing over the restrictions, risks and possible psychological pitfalls - with the word “kill” being notable by its…

1 December 2007Review

JNV, 2007; 39pp; £5, available from JNV, 29 Gensing Rd, TN38 0HE

Originally produced as a catalogue to accompany an exhibition of prints which took place on artist Emily Johns' return from an Fellowship of Reconciliation peace delegation to Iran in May 2006, Drawing Paradise on the 'Axis of Evil' is ever more pertinent as the United States ratchets up its aggression and imposes more sanctions on Iran with UK backing.

Her pictures, exuding a calm stillness and beauty, are drawn with particular reference to the historical relationship between Britain…