Gittins, Sarah

Gittins, Sarah

Sarah Gittins

1 April 2019Feature

Artwork by Sarah Gittins

Sea Tangle by Sarah Gittins

Sarah Gittins: Seaweed could be cast as a heroine in a story about the ecosystem of Ullapool in relation to climate change. It has been found to be very effective in absorbing carbon, and if it is allowed to grow in abundance it could play an important role in mitigating the effects of climate change and ocean acidification. Seaweed is also a highly…

1 April 2017Feature

Artist Sarah Gittins gives the Scottish city a horticultural twist

Artist: Sarah Gittins

Sarah Gittins writes:

Since 2013 I have been working with Jonathan Baxter on an art and horticulture project called DUO (Dundee Urban Orchard). DUO has worked alongside community groups, schools and cultural organisations to establish a network of 25 small-scale orchards that together re-imagine Dundee as an Orchard City. During this time I have also drawn an old…

1 June 2016Feature

Printmaker Sarah Gittens remembers the unnamed partipants who keep the peace movement going

This linocut print shows a table of people gathered to make origami cranes. They are located within a landscape derived from pictures of the area around Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped on 6 August 1945. The cranes relate to the story behind the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima.

The monument shows a Japanese girl called Sadako holding up a crane. Sadako died from leukaemia as a result of radiation from the bomb. While she was in hospital, she set about making…