McCarrick, Padraig

McCarrick, Padraig

Padraig McCarrick

1 October 2023News

Nationwide day of action as evidence grows that US priming Lakenheath for new guided nukes

A Citizens Weapons Inspection (CWI) team from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) gathered outside USAF Lakenheath on 23 September, with the aim of searching the base for nuclear weapons.

This followed growing evidence that the US air force is priming Lakenheath for the deployment of the new B61-12 guided nuclear bomb as part of a mass upgrade of US nuclear infrastructure in Europe.

The inspection was part of a nationwide day of action against US nuclear weapons in…

1 February 2023Feature

Chatham House, RUSI and IISS all accept funding from nuclear-weapons linked firms

The independence of Britain’s top thinktanks working in the area of nuclear weapons policy has been brought into question, after an academic survey found they had accepted funding from companies who manufacture or maintain nuclear weapons.

Researchers from an elite French university, Sciences Po, surveyed 45 of the world’s leading thinktanks specialising in foreign policy and national security. They all admitted that they received financing from nuclear arms contractors and/or from…