Lalaguna, Nicolas

Lalaguna, Nicolas

Nicolas Lalaguna

1 February 2006Review

On general release; cert 15; 123 mins

Jarhead is yet another Sam Mendes tour de force. This time bringing the Anthony Swofford memoirs of a US marine scout/sniper in the first Gulf War in Iraq to the big screen, once again Mendes has brought the same intensity and throw-away realism that his previous Hollywood adventures have also had.

Just like his previous big-budget outings, Jarhead adds an abstract or almost surreal quality to the very real and mundane nature of one aspect of the US way of life -…

1 July 2005Review

Spanner Films, 2005; Running time: 85mins (main feature). Five hours footage in total; Format: DVD; £20 - from http://www.spannerf

Unbelievably Spanner Films have done the impossible. By putting what should already be a multi-award winning documentary on to DVD, they have made it even better.

McLibel tells the story of how a postman and a gardener

3 December 2004Comment

During the weeks and months leading up to the London European Social Forum (ESF) there was much controversy as to whether a minority had managed to undermine the democratic nature of the forum itself. The history surrounding the ESF, the World Social Forum (WSF) and the World Economics Forum (WEF) needs to be understood to see clearly how serious a de-democratisation of the ESF could be.

The WEF has been running for over thirty years in different forms, but always acting as a think…