1 December 2002News

As we went to press another Castor shipment of nuclear waste began its journey from the Cap La Hague reprocessing plant to Wenland. And this time there are 12 containers rather than the usual six.

As we write, anti-nuclear groups are taking part in their first actions and blockades and are preparing actions for the following week.

Last year the state (with the support of the police, judiciary and regional government) limited the right of people to engage in peaceful…

1 March 2002Feature

This short workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to investigate our own utopias: "don't dream about your life, live your dreams".

There are many utopias and some people have written their ideas down and they have become quite well-known, such as Owen, Marx, Bakunin and "p m" (author of Bolo bolo). But everyone has a view of their own utopia and while some of our ideas are similar, in other things we differ. Often we know nothing at all about our dreams and our political…