Castor alarm!

IssueDecember 2002 - February 2003
News by Milana

As we went to press another Castor shipment of nuclear waste began its journey from the Cap La Hague reprocessing plant to Wenland. And this time there are 12 containers rather than the usual six.

photo As we write, anti-nuclear groups are taking part in their first actions and blockades and are preparing actions for the following week.

Last year the state (with the support of the police, judiciary and regional government) limited the right of people to engage in peaceful protest: all demonstrations and peace camps within a 5km zone were banned. When activists failed to comply with the order, police used horses and dogs against them.

This year there are two aims for the activists resisting the Castor transport:

They want to reclaim their right to hold demonstrations, and, of course, they want to stop the Castor transport.

You can support the resistance! There is an alert-network, to be activated in the event of violations of basic human rights. It is called the “Alert Network basic and human rights - things to do” and is available in German and English. You can subscribe to these alerts via a website (see below).

If there are massive violations of human rights during the Castor-protest, then people involved with the actions will inform you and you can find a sample letter of complaint (addressed to the Wendland authorities and the media) on this web page.

This system will continue for future Castor shipments, so even if it is all over by the time you get this copy of PN, please consider subscribing to receive future alerts.