Wilson, Matt

Wilson, Matt

Matt Wilson

31 March 2012Feature

Bicycology not automobility

Why do we accept the domination of private motor cars when we know they make no sense in the long term? How has our society become so entwined and dependent on car culture? What steps can we take to free ourselves from this deadly embrace?

The negative side of car culture is huge yet largely out of mind: obesity, lung disease, climate change, strip mining, three million lives…

16 March 2012Blog

Rather than trying to mitigate against the numerous problems posed by cars why not try to get rid of them altogether?

Every one knows the environmental damage that cars cause, but the response is usually to make them greener and cleaner... but why not try to get rid of them altogether? Because that’s just not possible? Because we love our cars too much? Because we need them? This article hopes to explain why we’re in this mess, and to show that we can in fact park the car...for good.