Heiden, Linda

Heiden, Linda

Linda Heiden

9 March 2013Feature

Linda Heiden surveys opposition forces in Iran

Young people are challenging restrictions on physical contact Photo: Milan Rai

A threatened regime

Despite the regime’s defiant bravado, the 34th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution last month was a grim affair. Internationally, the country remains at loggerheads with the US and its partners. Iran’s pivotal ally Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has lost control over much of the country, threatening Iran’s vital overland supply…

1 December 2012Feature

Nonviolent opposition voices oppose militarisation of the revolution.

Daily reports of carnage in Syria make the early months of nonviolent popular uprising there seem like distant dreams of another land. Yet the broad-based Syrian movement began determined to follow a strategy of nonviolent resistance.

Haytham Manna is external spokesperson for the Syrian National Coordination Body for Democratic Change (NCC), itself a coalition of some 15 Syrian leftist political groups. In the second week of then-peaceful protests, back in March 2011, he launched ‘…