Murray, Leo

Murray, Leo

Leo Murray

1 December 2006Feature

"The ignorant people of the past, the unfortunates of the future, and the disenfranchised people of developing nations, are all powerless to affect the out-come of our terrible gamble with the world's climate. There is nobody else. We - that's you and I - need to take action, and fast." Leo Murray, from direct action group Plane Stupid, explains why he joined the group that shut down an airport.

I first met Plane Stupid in November 2005, at a protest outside a conference gala dinner for aviation executives on London's TowerBridge.

I was struck by the juxtaposition of coach-loads of radicalised grannies from local airport residents' opposition groups standing side by side with the young climate change activists who had broken up the conference earlier that day with an inspired combination of balls [ovaries?] and brains. This looked interesting...

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