Golden, Kimberly

Golden, Kimberly

Kimberly Golden

25 November 2014Feature

PN examines the fate of Dutch co-operative network

Stuart Field is in a unique position to comment on the discussions within Radical Routes, as not only has he been involved in the network since it incorporated in 1992 (first as a volunteer and later as the paid finance worker), he also worked for five years for a similar co-operative network in Holland called Solidair.

Solidair is over 10 years older than Radical Routes (RR), having its origins in the mid-1970s. Recently, Solidair has dissolved most of its network, and is winding…

25 November 2014News

Occupy Christmas anyone?

PAINTING: Jon Lockwood

Around 150 Occupy protesters held the area outside the supreme court near Parliament Square, London, over the weekend of 21-23 November. In mid-October, Occupy Democracy were a presence in the square for nine days, during which police arrested 40 people. Both events saw lectures, discussions and readings. Next event 20-21 December. 

25 November 2014Feature

PN interviews a British radical educator from the London CommunityHousing Co-op who visited an idyll in Northern Germany

Sieben Linden ecovillage in winter. Photo: Herbst77regen

‘I was a bit worried about the project of self- sufficiency, and how few differences there were between them and mainstream society’, said Leslie Barson, describing her recent stay at a prominent eco-village in Germany.

Barson spent a month taking a course at Sieben Linden, an eco-village formed in the late ’90s that is aiming to find a more sustainable and self-sufficient way of life. During her stay there, Barson…

28 September 2014News

Bailiffs anticipated at 3rd runway camp

It’s been a symbol of resistance to the third runway at Heathrow for four-and-a-half years, but after a July court ruling, the campaigners behind a community space in Sipson are under threat of eviction.

The ‘Grow Heathrow’ campaign began in 2010, when activists took over a neglected property on the site of the proposed new runway for Heathrow airport. Since then, the group has been fighting a battle in court to remain on the land.

In mid-July, the high court ruled in…