Jones, Kate

Jones, Kate

Kate Jones

1 August 2018Feature

Bruce Kent addresses a public meeting held by Wallasey CND and Wallasey Constituency Labour Party

Bruce Kent speaks and Kathy Runswick of Wallasey Constituency Labour Party chairs on 9 June. Photo: John Usher

It was a warm and sunny afternoon on 9 June but the church was packed.

The speakers were Paul Davies, standing in to explain current Labour Party policy in the absence of a Labour MP or union official prepared to defend it, and Bruce Kent presenting the opposing view.

It turned out to be an ‘unbalanced’ meeting because there did not seem to be anyone in…

1 September 2004News

Every year, in the city of Hiroshima, Japan, people come from far and wide to float lanterns decorated with prayers, thoughts, and messages of peace down the rivers in commemoration of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Fifty-nine years have now passed since the event that opened the floodgates for the nuclear age, an era in which our survival as a species is continually under threat. August 6-9 were again days of remembrance and action for many activists from all over the world.…