Courtneidge, John

Courtneidge, John

John Courtneidge

13 August 2011Feature

The global, Co-operative Commonweal a long desired dream is now becoming a practical reality: it is a vision of global peace and security, through practical, local and co-active co-operation.

Over the past seven years, this dream has been turning into real, tangible action. Here, I hope to share these developments and give some pointers to the next steps.

These developments got under way in 1995, when The International Co-operative Alliance (the ICA) met to refresh the…

1 March 2002Review

Frank Cass 2001. ISBN 0 7146 8169 5 (paper), 0 7146 5153 2 (cloth), 257pp

This useful book contains thirteen essays and an introduction by the editor, from contributors to the international conference Millennium of Utopias, held at The University of East Anglia, Britain, in 1999.

As such, it ranges from academic but accessible overviews, from people evidently long-engaged with the field, plus snap-shots of two existent utopian-living experiments (at Findhorn, Scotland, and Twin Oaks, Virginia, USA).

The persistence of the word utopia indicates the…

1 March 2002Review

JustUs Productions 2001. VHS/PAL format. Running time 25 mins. Available from London Quaker Bookshop,; tel +44 20 7663 1070; or email

This timely and well-produced video (with notes) is a useful resource for peace, social justice, economic and environmental activists.

Using commentaries to camera, it shows details and direct footage of a variety of recent nonviolent direct actions which have taken place in Britain, using the words and witness of the activists themselves. Footage of the essential pre-action planning and training activities serve as useful guides for others considering taking such action.

As a…