Sutcliffe, Jill

Sutcliffe, Jill

Jill Sutcliffe

1 August 2018Feature

Jill Sutcliffe reports on two events about low-level radiation and human health

Dr Timothy Mousseau of the University of South Carolina holding a great tit in Chernobyl’s Red Forest. Mousseau has been studying the zone around Chernobyl since 1999, finding that birds have smaller brains, trees grow more slowly, and decomposers (microbes, fungi and insects that break down dead organic matter) are barely working. Photo: Timothy Mousseau

The University of Stirling hosted two events on low level radiation and health in June 2018. The first was an International Union…

3 February 2010Comment

A PN editor from 1976-1982, Chris Jones continued helping with PN as a volunteer until June 1983. Chris died suddenly in his sleep on 6 December of heart failure. He had felt ill the previous day playing in a marching band in Oswestry where he lived, and returned home early.

Howard Clark writes: Chris began helping Peace News just as I was leaving. He had come to pacifism by a strange route – having joined the RAF after school, and first became a vegetarian and only later a pacifist.…