Dimmock, Jill

Dimmock, Jill

Jill Dimmock

1 November 2006Review

Libertarian Education, 2006; ISBN 0 9551647 0 2; £8.95.

Worlds Apart is a comparison of the dual worlds of formal and non-formal (or democratic) education. As the publisher's name implies, the book is written by a supporter of free education but it cannot be accused of being overly partisan in its approach. It seeks, rather, to cut through prejudice on both sides and to provide information through the words of the schools and the pupils themselves. It would be fair to say that positive and negative aspects come out of both accounts although the…

1 October 2005Review

Amnesty International, the International Action Network on Small Arms and Oxfam International in association with Ploughshares and Saferworld; ISBN 0 85598

This is a piece of academic research geared towards producing an internationally acceptable methodology for assessing the effects of the arms trade on sustainable development in developing countries.

Its aim is to persuade all arms exporting countries (mainly in the "first" world) to apply sustainability criteria to all applications for arms export licences. It is not, therefore, against the arms trade per se, but neither does it confine itself to the banning of arms sales to…