Nero, Jessica

Nero, Jessica

Jessica Nero

1 October 2008Review

Pluto Press, 2008; ISBN 978-0-74532-754-9; pp224; £15.99

Jonathan Cook is a journalist of rare commitment and integrity. In 2001 he left his job as a staff-writer at The Guardian to work freelance from the Arab majority city of Nazareth in Israel, in the belief that such independence from the mainstream papers, coupled with geographical proximity, would allow him to more freely evaluate and reflect on both the Israel-Palestine conflict and the wider problems of the Middle East. This book is a shining example of this newfound freedom.


1 September 2008Review

Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT), 2008; ISBN: 9780954332990; 25pp, available online or from CAAT, price £3 + p&p – see

“Every death an opportunity” is a subversive slogan our local campaign has used, on many occasions, against Brighton’s resident bomb factory EDO MBM.

Reading Anna Stavrianakis’ The Façade of Arms Control I discovered that there is a government-approved version of this statement. It comes in the shape of the MoD form 680 – used to assist weapon manufacturers through the process of obtaining an export licence – which states that its aim is to give “an indication of what markets may…