Taylor, Ian

Taylor, Ian

Ian Taylor

1 December 2006News

A new nation-wide survey of the anti-war movement reveals the municipal character of locally based anti-war groups. Researcher Ian Taylor explains the report's findings.

In what is perhaps the first academic survey of locally based anti-war groups in this country, a picture emerges of a movement which, whilst primarily concerned with international conflict, is very much rooted in local people, local politics, local activism and local media, to a possibly surprising degree.

Based on survey responses from 105 local groups and 27 follow-up interviews with activists, the municipal character of the movement shone through. Indeed this may even be one of…

1 November 2005News

What do Chinese opera, Sikh comedians, kicking racism out of football, and human rights lawyer Louise Christian all have in common? Answer, they're all part of this year's Fennerfest held in Slough.

Inspired by the legacy of Fenner Brockway - Slough's MP from 1950 to 1964 and co-founder of CND - and organised by the Slough4peace group, the festival is a heady mixture of theatre, film, comedy, music and debate.

Organiser Liz Cochrane said, “Following on from the success of…

3 July 2005Comment

April 29: It's less than a week before the General Election, the legality of the Iraq war is looking shakier than ever after the Attorney General's original advice to the Prime Minister has been leaked to the media, so what story does then lead on that

3 May 2005Comment


Three months ago thefour remaining Britons held at Guantanamo Bay were released after being held in confinement for over three years. Yet the family of a British man, Babar Ahmad,30, fear he will face the same treatment if he is deported to the USA under the Extradition Act 2003.

Mr Ahmad is accused of using the internet to raise funds for terrorist/resistance groups in Chechnya and Afghanistan. His family strenuously deny this. Further to that, they ask why he should be extradited…