Serious fun to fall on Slough

IssueNovember 2005
News by Ian Taylor

What do Chinese opera, Sikh comedians, kicking racism out of football, and human rights lawyer Louise Christian all have in common? Answer, they're all part of this year's Fennerfest held in Slough.

Inspired by the legacy of Fenner Brockway - Slough's MP from 1950 to 1964 and co-founder of CND - and organised by the Slough4peace group, the festival is a heady mixture of theatre, film, comedy, music and debate.

Organiser Liz Cochrane said, “Following on from the success of last year's Fennerfest (see PN2458) the emphasis this year is still on social cohesion and social justice because people from different backgrounds living together has always been one of Slough's strengths.” But, she continued, “there are now serious concerns about social cohesion in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks and in particular the government's response to them which is pulling people apart. The Fennerfest, which is fun but which also has a serious side, aims to redress that.”

Topics: Culture