Rogers, Harry

Harry Rogers
1 April 2016News

Welsh campaigners join 60,000+ strong anti-Trident demo

Singing 'Stop Trident' in London, 27 February. Photo: Lotte Reimer

Three of us pensioners set off from Aberbanc at 5.15 in the morning of 27 March to meet up with a coach full of fellow protesters in Swansea for the Anti-Trident demo in London.

We made new contacts and shared networks on the journey up and back from London, always an important part of the overall occasion.

Luckily, the rain held off and, even though a cold wind blew, the people, old and young together,…

1 October 2013News

Harry Rogers is provoked by The Moral Maze

When Melanie Phillips, doyenne of the right, posed the question ‘drones – what’s not to like?’ on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Moral Maze’ programme, I was incensed at the sheer crassness of her words. Statements by politicians and ministry of defence (MoD) spokespersons justifying the use of drones for military and surveillance purposes need to be countered at every opportunity.

Bankrupt civil servants, politicians and warmongers never mention the civilian deaths and injuries, nor the invasion…