Lalanne, Dominique

Lalanne, Dominique

Dominique Lalanne

28 August 2012News

European activists mark bomb anniversary

Eighty people from all over France and from several European countries – Lithuania, Finland, Germany – and also several Americans, fasted in Paris from 6 August, anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, to 9 August, the date Nagasaki was bombed.

The Paris town hall, the local 2e arrondissement town hall, and the organising associations, the Maison de Vigilance, the Sortir du nucléaire network and the umbrella organisation Armes nucléaires STOP were present throughout the four…

3 March 2011Comment

Channel crossing: PN’s bimonthly look at the European peace movement

The UK nuclear future

The current UK nuclear force involves maintaining only one submarine at sea at any time, equipped with half its maximum quota of missiles. This situation worries France because it allows for the real possibility of a disarmament process in the UK.

This is not only a matter of warheads but also a matter of doctrine. The policy of nuclear deterrence dictates that the “security” of the country is to be preserved thanks to the ability to make an instant…