Garay, Daniel

Daniel Garay
1 March 2003Feature

On 28 July 2002, the Russian President signed into law the federal bill "On Alternative Service" (ACS), adopted by the Russian Federation Federal Assembly shortly before. In November 2002, War Resisters' International's Daniel Garay was in Russia to attend the in augural meeting of the antimilitarist Organisation Without Weapons, set up to rally against military conscription.

Since 1991, the democratically oriented public in Russia had advocated for the legal regulation of an alternative civil service as a substitute for military service by conscription. All such attempts met with active resistance by the military lobby. However, in the winter of 2002 the Russian government submitted an Alternative Service (ACS) bill to the Duma; drafted in the ministry of defence, the bill had a number of discriminatory provisions.

Alternative service is not necessarily…

1 March 2003Review

Hidden Art Recordings 2002; Double CD: CD1 77 mins 37 seconds (13 tracks); CD2 77 mins 12 seconds (13 tracks

In 1985, at the height of the Iran-Iraq war, all-round American patriot Colonel Oliver North met with Iranian businessmen in a hotel room in Frankfurt: “ of the things that we would like to do, okay, is we would like to become actively engaged in ending this war in such a way that it becomes very evident to everybody that the real problem in preventing peace in the region is Saddam Hussein, and we'll have to take care of that...


With this introduction, images…

1 March 2003Review

Clairview 2002; ISBN 1 902636 38 4;160 pp, £8.95

Gore Vidal knows how to write. The only problem is that you get the feeling he's written it all before. Literally. Nowhere on the cover (front or back) are you warned that three-quarters of the book is a reprint of articles that appeared previously in Vanity Fair (three) or The Nation (one), which were published as long ago as 1997 (although I can't say the material feels dated, far from it).

The drawback of having read it all before won't apply to everyone of…