Lauer, Caroline

Lauer, Caroline

Caroline Lauer

1 June 2006Review

Hawthorn Press 2004. Includes 48pp of teaching notes. ISBN 1 903458 54 4 / 978 1 903458 54 9

Peace Journalism should give a fair and balanced report on conflict without forgetting to set the context in which the fighting takes place.

This is what News from the Holy Land, an educational video for media students, civil society groups and NGOs, tells us. Using the example of the Israel-Palestine conflict, Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick seek to show that in focusing on bloodshed and violence, standard news reports give British audiences the impression that the two…

1 February 2005News

Five peace activists Margaret Jones, Paul Milling, Phil Pritchard, Toby Olditch, and Josh Richards, have been given leave to appeal to the House of Lords with regards to their various attempts at attempt to disarming USAF equipment at Fairford during early 2003.

Toby and Phil said their action was motivated by the inability of international pressure to prevent the prosecution of an illegal and unjustified war. Olditch and Pritchard entered Fairford with the intention to disabling the…

1 September 2004News

A protest camp against the incinerating of ballistic missiles took place from the beginning of July to the end of August in the central Russian city of Perm.

The action aimed to stop the authorities' plan to burn the missiles in the open air, as the fuel contained into the rockets would release large amounts of the highly toxic dioxin which, even in small concentrations, can cause cancer and destroy the immune system.

Back in 2001, the Kirov Factory in Zamask was chosen for…

1 September 2004News

Israeli forces continue to put pressure on ISM activists through office raids and arrests.

On 9 May, Israeli forces raided the ISM media office in Beit Sahour, confiscating equipment and destroying the groups office space. The strong-arm operation was carried out by dozens of soldiers, border police and civilian police officers, who had surrounded the office with around 20 military vehicles.

Israeli forces also seized all the computers in the nearby office of the…

1 June 2004Feature

Territorial disputes have torn the South China Sea region over recent decades. The region was calm until the 1960s and 1970s when international companies begun prospecting for potential hydrocarbon resources, mainly oil and gas. Since then the region has suffered a string of low-intensity hostilities, with the underlying danger of an escalation to full-blown conflicts in the future.

Territorial claims are made over a number of islands, including the Paracelislands, Macclesfield…

1 March 2004News

Up to 15,000 people took to the streets of Paris in January to protest against a new nuclear programme about to kick off in France and across Europe.

The nuclear project, worth E3bn, focuses on building the European Pressurised Water Reactor (EPWR), a new generation of nuclear reactors, the first of which will be built in Finland by a consortium of the French state owned Areva group and the German engineering company Siemens. The programme aims to gradually replace the 58 nuclear…

1 December 2003News

In October a US jury found 19 peace activists not guilty after their trial for trespassing at a depleted uranium weapon maker's headquarters.

On 2 April 2003, 28 activists walked into AllianceTech System's Edina office to deliver a letter to CEO, Paul David Miller, urging the company to take responsibility for the damages caused by depleted uranium to protest against the use of radioactive waste in weapons' production.

A higher power?

In a rare case where an international…

1 September 2003Feature

In part one of a special two-part PN investigation, Caroline Lauer takes a look at the development and economics of non-lethal weapons.

The legacy of world domination by Western powers continues with further advances in military technologies. Far from resting on their deadly laurels, Western governments are still at the forefront of progress in the sector - and non-lethal weapons seem to be the next generation receiving research and development (R&D) funds. From sticky foam to malodorants and high-powered microwave weapons, increasingly sophisticated weapons will bring into line those who intend to challenge Western…

1 March 2003News

The demonstrations of 15 February are a milestone for peace. Never before have so many people taken to the streets to protest against war. Hundreds of cities, across five continents, were swallowed up by a tidal wave of people opposing the bombing of Iraq. More than ten million marched for peace in 603 cities around the world.

In Rome, Madrid, London, and Barcelona the number of demonstrators reached the millions. With 2.5 million pouring into the streets of Rome, two million in…