Rundberg, Anna-Linnea

Rundberg, Anna-Linnea

Anna-Linnea Rundberg

13 August 2011Feature

Anna-Linnea Rundberg reports from the Nordic "anti-star wars" action camp held in Fauske in northern Norway at the end of June.

In the spirit of the protests against Menwith Hill and against the “long arm” of US militarism, 35 Finnish and Swedish peace activists set up an action camp in Fauske, in northern Norway, between 17 and 20 June.



13 August 2011Feature

In the run-up to the 1 October "Big Blockade" of the Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland, a leading anti-Trident activist looks back on the year-long blockade called "Faslane 365".

On 4 July 2005, during the G8 summit, 2,000 people blockaded Faslane Naval Base, home of Britain's Trident submarines, armed with nuclear missiles, and closed it for the day. The police strategy was to leave the street party and not attempt to clear the gates. At 5pm folk got up and went home. And for Faslane, it was business as usual.

A few weeks later an email arrived with a “Proposal for year-long blockade”. The concept was simple: get 100 people to arrive each day and blockade…

3 December 2006News

As the government outlines a timetable to replace Trident, resistance at Faslane, where the world's "biggest penis enlargement" is deployed, continues. Despite traditional Scottish west coast weather, a great number of people have been singing, dancing, blockading, drinking tea, camping, playing, running around and, of course, sitting down at the gates of Faslane. Our special correspondent, Anna-Linnea Rundberg, reports from nearby Helensburgh.

November saw 16 different groups covering 20 days at Faslane, clocking up a mighty 148 arrests. The total number of arrests since 1 October 2006 stands at 330, but still only one prosecution so far.

Cumbria and North Lancashire started the month on a Halloween theme, handing over to the Iona community and the Clergy Action Group. By all accounts the police found it a surreal experience to be arresting so many church ministers. CND and Stop The War were next in line, with small but…

1 June 2006News

Between 18 and 21 May, the fifth annual Trident Ploughshares peace camp was set up in a public park directly opposite Devonport dockyard in Plymouth. Only the river Tamar came between the peace pirates and HMS Victorious, the Trident submarine which is currently in for a refit.

About 30 people were actively participating in the camp activities, and far more folk passed through as they walked their dogs and aired their kids. Local support for the camp was overwhelmingly positive from a…

16 June 2005Feature

On Friday 13 May, 12 anti-nuclear campaigners established a peace camp on Drake's Island in Plymouth Sound, declaring it a nuclear-free state.

The protest, which lasted a week, highlighted the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) - currently

3 May 2005Comment

The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), is up for review at the UN in New York between 2 and 27 May 2005.

This Peace News NPT special section provides a basic introduction to what the NPT is and focuses on what some British groups and NGOs are doing around the forthcoming Review Conference.

We aim to show the diversity in ways in which different groups are working towards disarmament. Some focus entirely on the treaty, collecting names for petitions or finding means to…

1 March 2005News

As Big Ben struck 4.30pm, on Tuesday 15 February, around 60 people lay down on the street in front of Parliament Square in silence, and in protest.

Three minutes of silence remembering all the victims of the Iraq war was followed by raised voices, demanding that the troops be withdrawn from Iraq, now.

Unfortunately, what could have been a very effective and long-lasting blockade instead became a short and very symbolic occupation of one lane of the street, with passengers on…