Calls continue to "stop the war" as 15 February marked by activists across Britain

IssueMarch 2005
News by Anna-Linnea Rundberg

As Big Ben struck 4.30pm, on Tuesday 15 February, around 60 people lay down on the street in front of Parliament Square in silence, and in protest.

Three minutes of silence remembering all the victims of the Iraq war was followed by raised voices, demanding that the troops be withdrawn from Iraq, now.

Unfortunately, what could have been a very effective and long-lasting blockade instead became a short and very symbolic occupation of one lane of the street, with passengers on sightseeing buses taking pictures of the event (“an alternative souvenir of London” ... like punks on postcards!).

Continue your resistance

After the die-in Tony Benn encouraged the younger activists to continue their involvement in the anti-war movement; and former soldier George Solomou gave credit to Peace News and to the counselling given by At Ease, which has enabled him to this week resign from the army as a conscientious objector (see PN2458 cover story)

CND chair Kate Hudson spoke about the importance of long term resistance to British nuclear weapons, and how young people have again proved their interest in politics.

This was one protest out of many around the country, which were trying to maintain the spirit of resistance from the great demonstrations against the war in February 2003. In Glasgow around 40 people staged a die-in outside the army recruiting office, and then headed for Stuart Street police station where two of their party had been taken after being arrested for public order offences.