Frisicano, Andrew

Frisicano, Andrew

Andrew Frisicano

13 August 2011Feature

Across the world, campaign groups and indigenous communities are struggling against the corporate destruction of the world's forests. Andrew Frisicano reports on recent developments.

A Greenpeace-commissioned satellite map of the world released on 13 April has shown that only 10% of the world is covered by intact forest, at the same time the most valuable of these forests are being threatened by logging and farm expansion.

In Papua New Guinea (PNG), activist groups are working with local organisations to stop the destruction of the largest remaining forest in the Asia Pacific region. On 11 April activists from the Rainbow Warrior demonstrated in front of a ship…

1 May 2006News

Between 7 and 21 April, cyclists rode from Faslane to London to protest at the continued persecution of nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu by the Israeli government.

Stops over the fifteen-day ride included Glasgow, Carlisle, Manchester, Stoke, Birmingham, Oxford, and London, with the riders covering over five hundred miles. Along the way, riders held events to raise awareness for Vanunu and the dangers of continued nuclear development. The cyclists also took donations to help to…

1 April 2006News

On 17 March, student activist and former political prisoner Thet Naing Oo was allegedly beaten to death on the streets of Rangoon by police, firefighters and members of the Union and Solidarity and Development Association (USDA).

Official news sources report that he was a violent drunk who resisted arrest, while local eyewitnesses suggest that, immediately prior to his murder he had merely been drinking tea. His lawyer stated that his body showed injuries to the face, head, body, and…

1 April 2006News

On the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, protesters coordinated events around the globe to demonstrate their continued opposition.

In London, anti-war demonstrators, estimated at between 15 000 and 100,000 (Met and STWC numbers, respectively), marched from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square to condemn the war and Britain's continued involvement, and to call for the withdrawal of British troops. Activists in Glasgow, Newcastle and Dublin also held events raising awareness…

1 March 2006News

The movement for ethical investment met with success as the Church of England decided in February to pull its #2.2 million shares from the construction equipment company Caterpillar.

The General Synod voted on 6 February to “divest from companies profiting from the illegal occupation [of Palestinian territories], such as Caterpillar Inc, until they change their policies”. The Church was recently criticised by groups such as War on Want for its previous inaction in the matter. The…

1 March 2006News

On Sunday 12 February, a group of anti-nuclear campaigners and activists gathered in front of the Camel's Head Gate at the Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth to protest against the agreement between the city of Plymouth and the Ministry of Defence to refit Britain's Trident nuclear submarines.

HMS Vanguard was refitted at the dockyard between 2003 and 2004 and, in early 2005, HMS Victorious came in for its refit; it is expected to remain there for two to three years. Refits of the other…