Vanunu supporters ride into town

IssueMay 2006
News by Andrew Frisicano

Between 7 and 21 April, cyclists rode from Faslane to London to protest at the continued persecution of nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu by the Israeli government.

Stops over the fifteen-day ride included Glasgow, Carlisle, Manchester, Stoke, Birmingham, Oxford, and London, with the riders covering over five hundred miles. Along the way, riders held events to raise awareness for Vanunu and the dangers of continued nuclear development. The cyclists also took donations to help to cover the costs of the ride as well as support Vanunu's legal fund.

National security?

On 21 April, the ride ended with an event near the Israeli Embassy in London, and a letter was delivered to 10 Downing Street asking the prime minister to intervene on Vanunu's behalf.

The ride's last day coincided with the anniversary of Vanunu's release from eighteen years of imprisonment - he has just received notification that his travel ban has been extended for another year. He is set to go on trial for allegedly violating the terms of his release, which forbids contact with foreign journalists. Israel claims that Vanunu's knowledge continues to threaten national security.

Many see the continuation of his persecution as a personal vendetta against Vanunu for his outspoken criticism of Israel and its nuclear policies.

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