Mbarushimana, Andrea

Mbarushimana, Andrea

Andrea Mbarushimana

1 August 2021Comment

Dedicated activist and co-founder of the Coventry Peace House.

Although she balked at any form of public recognition, Penny Walker had influence, power and the kind of respect that preceded her into meetings. The public grief and sadness there has been at her death is unsurprising, though Penny would’ve been embarrassed by all the fuss.

I met Penny at Coventry Peace House in 2004, a housing co-operative she set up with Becqke and John, fellow Alvis Peace Campers from the ’90s.

A founder member of the Coventry Refugee Centre, she and Alan…

1 June 2015Feature

A WW1 Tommy looks at nuclear warfare

Originally published by Leicester CND as a booklet. More copies of this poster are available from Peace News on 0207 278 3344.