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Peace abuse

Gandhi 150

The Indian government has been carrying out tree-planting, statue-erecting, cycling and so on, all around the world to mark the upcoming 150th birthday of Indian pacifist Mohandas Gandhi.

‘Bless us, Bapu’

Praise Gandhi and pass the ammunition ...


Responding to conflict

At least one reader was intrigued by the £990 five-day residential training being offered in early March by the NGO ‘Responding to Conflict’, a charity which provides training for groups in conflic

King misquoted

Regular readers will know that PN has taken a keen interest in the story of the $120m “national memorial” statue and garden for US pacifist Martin Luther King Jr, opened in October in Washington DC

And they call it peace

In August, PN learned for the first time of PUMA Peace, one of the sponsors of the World Peace Festival 2011, which took place 20-27 August in Berlin (no one invited us!).

$114m nonviolence

The “Martin Luther King Jr National Memorial”, a statue and park in Washington DC budgeted at $120m (of which $114m has been raised) was scheduled to be officially opened on 28 August.