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The more NGOs - the less civil society?

After the NATO bombings, the world's most powerful intergovernmental organisations involved themselves in the administration of post-war Kosovo--not just UN and its subsidiaries or NATO, but the OS

Rocking the boat

On 10 June, the fifth anniversary of UN Resolution 1244 establishing the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), protesters in Prishtina raised their red cards to tell UNMIK i

Editorial: Unfinished business

It is hard to believe that, just ten years after the genocide in Rwanda, new reports of massacres against Tutsis by Hutus have started coming in.

A cautionary tale from Kosovar women to the women of Iraq

This article is being written as another war comes to an end, the war in Iraq.

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Howard Clark, 'Civil Resistance in Kosovo'

Pluto Press, 2000. 266pp. ISBN 0 7453 2569 0, £9.99