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Operation "Self-Interest?"

PN: For some years now Macedonia has been on the receiving end of “humanitarian” military interventions [see box below for a list of international missions to Mac

James Pettifer, 'Kosova Express: A Journey in Wartime'

Hurst, 2005; ISBN 1 85065 749 1; Pb 262pp; £16.00


Kosova: the hydra

Alice Mead argues that the UN mission in Kosova was doomed from the start and should be called what it is — a "multinational failure".


Maggie Helwig, 'Between Mountains'

Chatto & Windus 2004; ISBN 0 70117691 1; Hb 324pp; £12.99


Ask questions, speak up, disobey!

When it all started, back in 1991, I could hardly imagine where it would end.

REX: A cultural laboratory

In Serbia the REX/B92 cultural centre describes itself as “a laboratory for research of new fields of culture”.

Bring on the bulldozers!

Nonviolent revolution? Perhaps not, but certainly one of the biggest nonviolent grassroots movements to contribute to radical political change. Ippy met the OTPOR activists from Serbia.


Croatia - a small country for a great plunder

Since Dayton, Croatia has been developing in the typical western model: privatisations, foreign banks, Partnership for Peace, and a new liberal government. But in this post-war society there are both unresolved and new issues that threaten to polarise the population. Drazen Simlesa reports.


Alice Ackerman, 'Making Peace Prevail: Preventing Violent Conflict in Macedonia'

Syracuse University Press, 2000. 217pp, ISBN 0 8156 0602 8


Nonviolent revolution in Serbia?

Almost nonviolent - marred only by the deaths of two people - was it, or is it, a revolution?