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War news

A surge of outrage against US drone wars

43 protesters arrested at spy HQ and air force bases in the US


Afghanistan: peace talks not yet dead

The September assassination of Burhanuddin Rabbani, chairman of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council – the body established to seek peace talks with the Taliban - by an alleged Taliban envoy appeared to derail any prospect of a negotiated end to the war.


Afghan torture

The UN has found compelling evidence of systematic torture in five facilities run by the Afghan intelligence agency (NDS) – including at least one facility deemed safe for detainee transfers in the UK high court last year.


NATO’s hidden Afghan victims

NATO claims to have killed at least 3,873 individuals – and detained a further 7,146 – since December 2009, but how many of these were actually civilians?


Bombing Yemen

It is “extremely likely” that the Saudi air force deployed UK-supplied Tornado fighter-bombers” to bomb “scores of Yemeni civilians” last autumn, according to an Amnesty International report issued