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War resisters

US war resisters condemn war in post-election protest

Delivering a clear message against war, members of the War Resisters League marched from Ground Zero to the New York Stock Exchange in lower Manhattan on the morning of 3 November.

Israel-Palestine ... in brief

A UN report released on 30 July found that economic and living conditions in all Palestinian areas had deteriorated, with 63% of Palestinians now living in poverty.

In Chile, Latin-America and the whole world: INSUMISION!

It's 15 May, 10.45am: a group of four Chilean activists approaches Alameda and the Altar de la Patria with its eternal flame of Chilean “nationhood”.

Ronit Chacham, 'Breaking Ranks: Refusing to Serve in the West Bank and Gaza Strip'

Other Press, 2003; ISBN 1 59051043 7; 250pp


Prisoners of conscience

In Finland around 60 young men refuse to participate in military or alternative service every year. Several will go to prison for their principled refusal. Activist group For Mother Earth (FME) campaigns in support of the COs. Katri, from FME, reports.


Editorial: Paying the price

As Peace News went to press, US conscientious objector Stephen Funk was about to stand trial (scheduled for 4 September) in a military court for “desertion”.

Militarism in everyday life - a street performance on International CO day

It's 15 May 2003, Tel Aviv, Israel: a military wedding, groom, bride, and the rabbi in uniform, as are the guests.

Taiwan - first Asian country to recognise conscientious objection

In July 2000, Taiwan was the first Asian country to recognise conscientious objection - and to introduce alternative service for those not fit for military service.

Personal experience from a Korean CO

For decades nobody has been concerned about the conscientious objection issue, even though thousands of members of the Jehovah's Witness community have been imprisoned for their refusal to

Broadening the concept of resistance in Israel

It is a little known fact that Israel is the only country with mandatory conscription for women.