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War resisters

US war resisters and UK soldiers' mother speak out against the wars

While US soldiers continue to resist deportation from Canada, the mother of two British soldiers serving in Afghanistan has spoken out against the war.

US resister freed

James Burmeister, 23-year-old Iraq war resister, was freed from military prison on 28 October, over two months early.

More US war resisters at risk

Two more US war resisters have been put on notice of deportation from Canada, where they have sought refuge.

Write to war resisters

US war resister Robin Long, who was deported from Canada, and imprisoned in the US on 22 August for 15 months for his conscientious objection to the Iraq war, can be written to at: Robin L

Support US war resisters

On 22 August, Robin Long, an Iraq war resister deported from Canada into US military custody in July, was sentenced to 15 months in prison and a dishonourable discharge – for desertion “wi

Conchie chronicles

I heard the words “conscientious objector” on the news the other day and they immediately grabbed my attention.

Remember, remember

In November we are all reminded of past wars. I think that, in the midst of this remembrance, we also need to think of those who suffer now for opposing present and future wars.

News from Colombia

On 14 May 14, Francisco Puerta, a leader of the Colombian “peace community” of San Jose de Apartado, was assassinated by paramilitaries in the town of Apartado.

Watada walks ... for now...

On 7 February, the court martial of US army officer Ehren Watada ended in a mistrial when the military judge halted the case due to inconsistencies in a pre-trial agreement, which had been

Peter Brock (ed), 'These Strange Criminals: An Anthology of Prison Memoirs by Conscientious Objectors from the Great War to the Cold War'

University of Toronto Press, 2004; ISBN 0 8020 8661 6; £28