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Kettle off

Internet protest service Sukey, which helps demonstrators to avoid being “kettled” or penned in for long periods by police, will be rolled out for the anti-cuts demo in London on 26 March.

Cut cut cut

While many major military projects continue (including the interventionary Astute submarine, cost: £3.9bn for three subs), there is a pleasing roll call of military cutbacks, including the sale of

Books out

On 5 February, protests against the closure of 450 library services took place all round the country, ranging from a “shhh-in” in Sheffield to a flashmob in Cambridge.

All in this together

We discovered in mid-February that bail-out bank Royal Bank of Scotland is set to pay taxpayer-backed bonuses worth up to £1.1bn to its staff.

Editorial: After Millbank

There have been strong reactions to the student protests at Millbank on 10 November (see p8).

The Coalition of Resistance

As Britain’s coalition government starts to trim billions of pounds of welfare funding, local organisations throughout the country are springing up in opposition.

Cuts watch

A new anti-cuts direct action network has sprung up targeting Vodafone as the unacceptable face of corporate tax avoidance.

74% of British people support wealth tax

The overwhelming majority of people in Britain support the idea of a one-off 20% wealth tax on the richest 10% of the population that could pay off the national debt.

Editorial: All in this together?

Back in June, the prime minister said that in resolving the country’s financial crisis, the coalition government would act “in a way that protects the poorest and most vulnerable in our society; in

The Other Coalition

A new “Coalition of Resistance” has been formed to resist government cuts, and to put forward an alternative agenda.