Issue: 2600 - 2601

December 2016 - January 2017


Top Stories

Chomsky warns of climate emergency

by Gabriel Carlyle

Global South takes lead on zero-carbon future as climate denier elected US president

Disjointed, despairing, determined, devoted

by PN

Six radical US women respond to the election of Donald Trump as US president

Viking Economics: how the Scandinavians got it right – and how we can, too

by Ian Sinclair

Ian Sinclair reviews George Lakey's new book

Those threatened by Trump's regime - not the man himself - should be the focus for campaigners, argues Milan Rai


CAAT will prove Britain has acted illegally in arming the Saudi assault on Yemen

by Andrew Smith

High Court to scrutinise UK arms exports

Humbled in love

by David Polden

Peace activists walk free after actions in Australia and the US.

Migrant deaths increase as EU focuses on border control

by Milan Rai

Death-rate has tripled says UN

‘War is Peace’

by Lotte Reimer

Welsh event explores Orwellian present

Cranes fly from Aberystwyth to Hiroshima

by PN

Welsh peace activist visits Japan

The UN will ban nuclear weapons in 2017

by Janet Fenton

Global nuclear-weapons-free zone could hinder US military

The Feminist Library wins a reprieve

by Feminist Library Management Committee

Celebrating a powerhouse of women’s archiving and activism since 1975


Back to Drax

by Claire Robertson

Biofuels challenged in North Yorks


by Symon Hill

Alternative remembrance day events held around UK

Sisters of mercy

by David Polden

Women vow to continue sailing to Gaza after ship seized

The law

by David Polden

Campaigners challenge nukes in court


European parliament calls for ban on nuclear weapons

by Jill Evans

Landmark resolution could trigger new treaty

The Lucas Aerospace Plan

by Milan Rai

Cut War, Not Jobs: an inspiring example of constructive thinking from the 1970s

Spotlight on Saudi

by Ian Sinclair

An interview with the co-founder of the women-led US peace group CODEPINK.

Sowing seeds of hope

by Andrea Needham

A direct action PN booktour around Britain

The year Peace News was the news

by Andrew Shephard

Former PN worker Andrew Shephard sets out the background to his new novel

Other responses to the US election from the UK

by PN

Act, talk to the 'other' and don't lose hope

Theresa May, Lucas Aerospace, workers’ self-management and decarbonising the economy

by Milan Rai

What are Britain's corporate leader so worried about?


Bruce Kent: As I please

by Bruce Kent

If ever there was a time for action, this it it, says Bruce Kent

The Personal Column: The food of love

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves celebrates the music of Mike Adcock

Lessons in harmony

by Penny Stone

'A group of people cannot all speak at once, but they can sing together.'

Diary: ''I'm ready for the fight"

by Nicole Marin Baena

US activist and trainer Nicole Marin Baena on waking up on the day after the US election

Obituary: John Ainslie, 3 May 1954 – 21 October 2016

by Janet Fenton

Quiet, reserved minister who co-ordinated Scottish CND from 1991

60 years ago: Hypothetical dilemmas

by Albert Beale

Long-time PN columnist Sybil Morrison restates some pacifist truths, including in the context of the then-recent Suez Crisis.

Cartoons etc

Roouminations by Donald Rooum