Issue: 2562

October 2013


Top Stories

A gun at your head

by Milan Rai

Milan Rai explains how nuclear weapons work in the real world

Come out! We have you surrounded.

by PN

Book your tickets now for PN's benefit 'Celebration of People Power' on Sunday 13 October.

We need a common agenda to tackle the twin threats of climate change and nuclear warfare.


AWEsome blockade of Burghfield bomb factory

by David Polden

21 arrested on international day of action

WOZA celebrates World Peace Day in Zimbabwe

by Jessica Corbett

Zimbabwe's women beaten testing new government's commitment to free speech

Campaigners misdirect arms traders

by Jessica Corbett

Flurry of actions challenges Europes biggest arms fair

Campaigners allege Iraqi birth defects survey has been manipulated - but fail to back up claims

by Gabriel Carlyle

Was data from the Iraqi government's survey of birth defects manipulated?


Drones - what's not to like?

by Harry Rogers

Harry Rogers is provoked by The Moral Maze

Yma o hyd - still here!

by Lotte Reimer

Cor Cochion celebrate 30 years of action

Pacifists win WW1 grant

by Bill Hetherington

Peace Pledge Union to launch "No More War" project

Council fails to evict Balcombe protest camp

by Lucca Rossi

High Court adjourns case involving anti-fracking campaigners


Jean (Whitney) Kaye: 30 April 1926 - 16 September 2013

by Di McDonald

Di McDonald remembers a 'tiny woman of towering strength'

Black History Month, October 2013

by Emily Johns

Emily Johns commemorates tje life of Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa

Greenham Common 30 years later

by Jenny Craigen

Jenny Craigen returns to Orange Gate

A Brazilian documentarist enters Syria

by Lucca Rossi

PN interviews the makers of a new documentary, Transition

Nonviolence in Syria

by Jessica Corbett

PN talks to Syrian activists inside the outside the country


35 years ago: Nukes

by Albert Beale

Peace News played a key role in the upsurge of activism against nuclear power at the end of the 1970s, both by reporting events and by discussing strategies that could help different sorts of campaigners to work together effectively.

Victory for the second superpower

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

Obama and Cameron have been forced to bow to their populations' anti-war sentiments

Cartoons etc

Almost ... by SEG

Jill's Defence Weekly by Jill Gibbon

Roouminations ... by Donald Rooum

We need a common agenda to tackle the twin threats of climate change and nuclear warfare.

Western Sahara
Nepal crisis
Year nearly over
Uranium so over
Roofers over moon
Woman over line