Island to island

Letter by Katy Beaver, Seychelles

ImageI have been meaning to email you for ages about the July-August issue, to say a) how much I enjoyed reading it, knowing that it was created by people of colour, and b) that I have enjoyed a lot more of the recent issues because they have had articles somehow more relevant to an overseas reader in a very small country which does not have a history of activist support for world peace....

Our Seychelles population is only around 90,000 and being an island nation, somewhat scattered. It is not only multicultural (people from all continents and island regions of the world) but I think it must contain all the possible skin colours that can possibly exist because of the incredibly mixed background of families. So the article by Daniel Hunter (PN 2559-2569) felt especially true for Seychelles.

Although my (white) origins lie in the UK and therefore many of the UK-oriented activities make sense, and I try to learn from them, it is really more interesting for me to learn what is going on in other countries as well, and know how people in these countries manage their activism. I pass my PN on to others who are interested in peace issues and for us, we need to learn more about ‘how to do it’, how to go about activism, especially in a very small country where ‘everyone knows everyone else’ and there is no war (per se), except against Somali pirates.

So more general articles that give us ideas are very welcome, while understanding that your main readership is not an overseas one.

Thank you for an increasingly good read.