Issue: 2549

September 2012


Top Stories

No cycling - it's the Olympics

by David Polden

182 arrested at Critical Mass action

For an Olympic Peace

by Pat Gaffney

Pat Gaffney surveys faith groups' Olympic activism

Olympics, politics and me

by Virginia Moffatt

Peace campaigner Virginia Moffatt is (partially) seduced by the Olympics

Why the Olympics corrodes democracy


Trident at risk

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

Activists force nuclear disclosure

Chiapas community threatened with attack

by Maria Gomez

Zapatistas call for international solidarity

Withdrawal de-escalating Afghan war - report

by Gabriel Carlyle

Partial US troop withdrawal leads to drop in Taliban attacks

Lawyers challenge UK over Afghan 'kill list'

by Gabriel Carlyle

Afghan bank worker pursues judicial review over assassinations

Wales & Scotland

Trident welcome haunts first minister!

by Kelvin Mason

Welsh activists mobilise against potential Trident relocation

Lampeter Clowns close Faslane

by Lotte Reimer

From Wales to Scotland ...

Mainshill action

by Sarah Young

Coal site shutdown

Scottish anti-NATO coalition formed

by Brian Larkin

Activists mobilise to pressure SNP

More news

Hiroshima fast in Paris

by Dominique Lalanne

European activists mark bomb anniversary

Pit props

by PN

Armpits 4 August ...

Vulture fund loses case


Privy council rules against FG Hemisphere

Nagasaki day at Nationalist's headquarters

by Jane Tallents

Die-in at SNP HQ

Features & comment


by PN

Looking back at PN Summer Camp 2012

George Lakey speaking tour

by PN

PN hosts visit of veteran US radical

Nurturing conflict

by Val Archer

Does mainstream education steal conflict from children?

The poet offers his wares

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves on a new book of poems by John Rety, and why poetry matters

Hi-de-hi, campers

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves reflects on PN Summer Camp 2012

Liverpool diary: September 2012

by Jennifer Verson

Jennifer Verson reflects on the intersection between activism and everyday life

40 years ago: Military revolution


Selections from the Peace News archives

Cartoons etc

Jill's Defence Weekly by Jill Gibbon

On technology by Tony Telford

Almost... by SEG