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D, Ippy

Ian Thomas: 29 March 1963 – 28 December 2012

In December, our good friend Ian Thomas died, unexpectedly, aged 49. He had a heart attack while asleep at home in Southampton.


A producer of "cultural öffentlichkeit"

For more than a decade Consolidated have been producing highly politicised music with a wide range of styles. As a "musical project" they have a reputation as being uncompromising and "crusading", who tackle uncomfortable issues such as male violence, pornography, animal rights and militarism. Their critics accuse them of being "guilty white liberals" and "hypocrites" and of espousing "un-American "values. PN caught up with founding member Adam Sherburne and talked about the role of music in political struggle.


Editorial: Humanity's machine

In November, two events re-ignited the debate on the numbers and conditions of those imprisoned in British jails and detention centres.


May's cabinet reshuffle and, reportedly, tearful sacking, can't hide the fact that the Labour government is in freefall, with an increasingly desperate and messianic-looking Blair at the helm.

Editorial: Be prepared!

On the night of 25-26 April 1986, unknown to most of the world, scientists were busy testing Chernobyl's reactor No 4 to determine whether its coolant pumps would keep running in the event

Declan McCormick, 'When the G8 Came to My Town'

NorthernSky Press 2005; ISBN 0 9548067 4 3; 30pp


Brian Eno et al, 'Not One More Death'

Verso Books, 2006; ISBN 1 84467 116 8; Pb 57pp; £5


Editorial: I fought the law ...

"We do not expect justice, not from this court, nor any other.
We don't believe in your laws, your sentences, your jails.
So why claim a right that means nothing to us?
This contradiction bothers us, of course."
Aubonne Support Group


Editorial: At the flick of a switch...

As the government opened the public phase of its energy review at the end of January, ministers were busy warning that “doing nothing is not an option”.

Editorial: The human cost

In October, the US marked the return of the remains of the 2,000th soldier killed in Iraq (a further 16,000 are reported wounded).