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Cloves, Jeff

The World is a Beautiful Place

My last column was in praise of our dear departed peace poet and friend, Adrian Mitchell.

Tell em I'm gone

When our friend Adrian died on 20 December 2008 a miracle occurred; the word PACIFIST appeared in newspaper headlines and on radio news programmes.

Veil of dreams

Back in September eight short video films were shown in Stroud to mark World Peace Day. Collectively the films tried to answer this question: what does it take to build peace?

Sweet dreams are made of this

In the current edition of the always interesting Fourth World Newsletter*, there is a page which brought me up short.

Peaceful co-existence? Not quite.

We – Pat V T West, Dennis Gould, Jeff Cloves – first performed together as RiffRaff Poets in St Ives in 1970.

Survival Songs

When I was in my teens I feared I wouldn’t be alive for my 21st. I wasn’t alone in such dread.

Conchie chronicles

I heard the words “conscientious objector” on the news the other day and they immediately grabbed my attention.

Rock of ages: A passing fancy

Here are a couple of books of interest to PN readers; seasonal gifts perhaps?

Fair stood the wind for Fairford

Over 20 years ago I came down from St Albans by hired coach to take part in a demonstration at the US bomber base at Fairford.

Green house gas

One statement Noam Chomsky made in his interview in PN's April issue struck me forcibly: “[Iran] is independent and independence is not tolerated [by the United States]”.