David, Wilson

Wilson David
1 June 2006Feature

Wilson David, who visited London in May, is a member of the Council of the Peace Community of San Jose' de Apartado', in Uraba, Colombia. Founded by displaced people, the Community itself was displaced last year when the government installed a police post inside Community grounds - against the Community's wishes and its internal rules that prohibit the carrying of weapons or cooperation with any armed actor.

The Peace Community of San Jose' de Apartado' consists of around 1,200 people - men, women, youths and above all children. We demand respect from the armed actors in the region of Uraba.

In our founding declaration, made on 23 March 1997, we laid down various important internal rules for the Community, such as: that nobody should bear arms, that nobody should give information to any side of the conflict, and that nobody should supply food to any side of the conflict. This remains our…