Ravn Eggan, Tuva

Ravn Eggan, Tuva

Tuva Ravn Eggan

13 August 2011Feature

Here we have tried to compile basic facts about each of the countries this issue focuses on. We have specifically included information about issues such as military service, the arms trade, refugees and human rights, all of which should be of particular interest to our readers.

NE Asian religions

North-East Asia is rich in spiritual currents, with Buddhist, Christian, Taosit, Confucian and shamanic traditions.

Confucianism Outside of the region little is known about…

1 June 2003News

In April the Croatian Multimedia Institute announced that they had reached a decision to end a contract through which they were granted US$100,000 by the US government for their work on the development of Croatian civil society.

In a public statement, the Institute made it clear that this decision was based on their belief that “the US government is disregarding international law, subverting international decision-making forums based on the international law, and disrespecting…